Misinformation about medical procedures is sadly common, and orthopedic surgery is no exception. To help you make the best healthcare decisions, the ROC team is here to set the record straight and debunk some persistent myths surrounding orthopedic surgery.

Myth 1: Orthopedic Surgery is Only for Athletes and Seniors

Fact: Although athletes and older adults may be more likely to experience certain orthopedic problems, people of any age and activity level can develop musculoskeletal issues. From work-related injuries and accidents to conditions like arthritis, orthopedic care is relevant to everyone.

Myth 2: Surgery is the First Resort for Orthopedic Problems

Fact: Orthopedic specialists prioritize conservative, non-surgical treatments whenever possible. This could include physical therapy, medication, injections, or lifestyle changes. Surgery is considered when these options don’t provide enough relief or if the condition requires a more direct solution.

Myth 3: Orthopedic Surgery Recovery is Always Lengthy

Fact: Surgical techniques and post-op care have advanced significantly. Many procedures are now minimally invasive, leading to faster recoveries. Enhanced pain management protocols and personalized rehab plans also help patients get back on their feet sooner.

Myth 4: The Benefits of Orthopedic Surgery Don’t Last

Fact: While every patient is different, most orthopedic surgeries offer long-lasting results. Joint replacements, for example, have incredibly high success rates, providing pain relief and improved function for many years. A commitment to physical therapy and any necessary lifestyle changes can maximize the longevity of your surgical outcomes.

Myth 5: Orthopedic Surgery is Too Risky

Fact: All surgeries carry some level of risk, but modern orthopedic procedures are remarkably safe. Advances in surgical tools, sterilization, and anesthesia have made complications far less common. Your surgeon will have a thorough discussion about the specific risks and benefits of your recommended procedure.

Myth 6: Orthopedic Surgery Pain is Unmanageable

Fact: Pain management is a top priority for orthopedic teams. A combination of medication, nerve blocks, and other techniques tailored to your needs will minimize discomfort throughout the recovery process.

We’re Here to Help You Make Informed Decisions

Don’t let misconceptions hold you back from seeking the orthopedic care you might need. At ROC, we believe in giving our patients all the facts so they can feel confident about their treatment choices. If you have any questions or are considering orthopedic treatment, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Disclaimer: This blog is for informational purposes and not a substitute for professional medical advice. Consult a doctor for diagnosis and treatment recommendations.