Hip pain can be a significant barrier to enjoying everyday activities and living a healthy, active life. At ROC in Oregon, Dr. Mark Wagner is leading the way in minimally invasive hip arthroscopy, offering patients an alternative to traditional hip replacement surgery. With an expertise honed by over 4,000 procedures, Dr. Wagner is not just performing surgery; he’s restoring quality of life.

Who is a Candidate for Hip Arthroscopy?

Dr. Wagner’s typical patient for hip arthroscopy is younger than you might expect, ranging from 20 to 50 years of age, with an even distribution between males and females. These are individuals who may be suffering from hip pain due to conditions such as labral tears or femoroacetabular impingement (FAI), often manifesting in the groin area and exacerbated by physical activities.

The ROC Approach to Hip Preservation

At ROC, hip preservation is the goal. Dr. Wagner uses hip arthroscopy to address and repair the damage within the joint, forestalling the need for replacement and maintaining the natural joint for as long as possible. The procedure is performed through two or three small incisions, resulting in less pain, quicker recovery, and a swift return to daily life and sports.

Recovery Expectations

Patients undergoing hip arthroscopy can expect a structured recovery process. Initial activities may be limited, with a focus on physical therapy to regain strength and stability. Typically, recovery spans from three to six months, with sports-specific exercises gradually introduced. Dr. Wagner stresses the importance of a tailored recovery plan, emphasizing that each patient’s journey to healing is unique.

The Importance of Experience

When it comes to outcomes, experience matters. Dr. Wagner’s extensive history with hip arthroscopy means fewer complications and better results for his patients. He believes that a surgeon’s proficiency with the procedure directly correlates to patient satisfaction and recovery.

Embracing Technology

Dr. Wagner is at the forefront of incorporating technology into orthopedic procedures. While discussing the role of robotic assistance in hip replacements, he advocates for its precision and potential for faster recovery times. He describes robotic assistance as a tool that helps refine the procedure, likening it to a guide that keeps the surgeon within the lines for an ideal outcome.

Pain Management Innovations

At ROC, the approach to pain management post-surgery is forward-thinking. Dr. Wagner notes a significant reduction in the need for narcotics, with many patients relying on non-narcotic pain relief methods post-procedure. This approach aligns with the center’s commitment to patient safety and the national initiative to curb opioid dependency.

Ensuring Accurate Diagnosis

Dr. Wagner emphasizes the importance of accurate diagnosis before any procedure. With several conditions mimicking hip pain symptoms, he cautions against misdiagnosis and unnecessary treatments. His approach is thorough, considering all possible sources of pain and employing a variety of diagnostic tools to ensure that surgery is indeed the best option.

What Sets Dr. Wagner Apart?

With a commitment to patient education, Dr. Wagner takes the time to explain conditions and treatments in relatable terms. He is a firm believer in making sure patients understand their options and what to expect from their procedures. Dr. Wagner’s approach is not just about the surgery; it’s about the entire patient experience, from initial consultation to full recovery.

If you’re experiencing hip pain and seeking a consultation, Dr. Mark Wagner at ROC in Oregon is a name you can trust. With a reputation for excellence in hip arthroscopy and a passion for patient-centered care, Dr. Wagner and his team are equipped to guide you through the journey to reclaim your mobility and quality of life.

Dr. Wagner’s philosophy is clear: every patient deserves a thorough evaluation, a clear understanding of their treatment options, and a recovery plan customized to their individual needs. If you’re ready to take the first step towards resolving your hip pain, contact ROC and schedule a consultation with Dr. Mark Wagner today.