Your world used to be much larger, but now, you feel imprisoned by a painful hip that severely limits your ability to move freely. Each year in the United States, 450,000 hip replacements are performed to solve this very same issue. And this number is growing thanks, in large part, to the success of this joint replacement procedure.Here at ROC, our team of musculoskeletal experts understands the many benefits of replacing major joints like the hip and the knee. When mobility is met with pain and conservative measures aren’t helping, hip replacement surgery is often the best path forward.If you’re trying to decide whether hip replacement is right for you, here are a few points to consider.

Behind your hip problems

One of the factors that we take into consideration when exploring hip replacement is the underlying cause of your hip pain. For example, the primary driver of hip pain and inflammation is osteoarthritis, which is a degenerative condition. As arthritis progresses, irreversible processes take place, such as the breakdown of your cartilage and bone changes.

Other forms of arthritis, such as rheumatoid arthritis, can also damage your hip, and this damage can’t be undone.

Or, you might have dislocated or fractured your hip and, as a result, you develop osteonecrosis, a condition in which blood flow to the bones in your hip is compromised.

What each of these conditions has in common is that they have no cure, and they get worse over time, not better. In these instances, hip replacement surgery may be the best option if you want to, literally, move forward.

Trying other treatment options first

Before you consider hip replacement, we recommend that you try conservative measures first. Taking our osteoarthritis example from above, if we catch the disease in its early stages, physical therapy can go a long way toward preserving function in your hip, slowing the disease, and preventing pain and inflammation.

If your hip pain and function don’t improve with targeted exercises, it may be time to consider hip replacement.

Is hip replacement right for you?

Undergoing a hip replacement is a big step, but one that can greatly improve your quality of life. Often, when people struggle with a painful hip, they gradually curb their activities and adjust to a new sedentary normal.

Unfortunately, a sedentary life isn’t a healthy one and begets new health concerns, such as cardiovascular disease. Not to mention, if arthritis is causing your hip problems, reducing your movement will only exacerbate the problem.

While the decision is yours to make, if you’re unable to get up from a seated position, climb stairs, or walk without hip pain and stiffness, hip replacement is likely the best treatment avenue.

If you’re worried about undergoing hip replacement surgery and not garnering satisfactory results, we want to highlight some successes. For example, one study that followed hip replacement patients found that 90% of patients with moderate pain reported mild or no pain five years after replacement. For patients who had severe pain before the surgery, 89% reported mild or no pain five years after the replacement.

Ultimately, the decision to undergo hip replacement surgery is yours to make, but we can assure you that our patients are thrilled with the results and feel as if they’ve hit the reset button on their lives.

If you have more questions about hip replacement, please contact one of our locations in Tualatin or Oregon City, Oregon, to schedule a consultation.